Our Sole Mission is to help the existing adult club and or nightclub owners to identify and fix large and small problems as efficiently, accurately and as cost effective as possible.

Most Adult Clubs  & or nightclubs have an area or two that need some type of attention. often, these problem areas are costing the operation tens of thousands or even millions of dollars a year. We will help you find and fix those problem Areas.

We are full time professional consultants that have operated and maintained many of the adult club and or nightclubs in the industry with great success.

We will only take clients that we can realistically help.

After the initial one on one meeting or telephone interview we will notify you on the options that  are available to begin your transformation to success.


We do not have magic wands. We do, however, have the knowledge and experience to help you find your answers with the highest level of Integrity. We will tell you the truth, whatever it may be.

That being said, You, our future clients, are our only partners.

We are your advocate.

We will assist you in weighing all of your vendor options.

We can help you through any type of equipment installation situations such as Installation & Maintenance of POS Systems, Sound & Lighting, DJ Systems and all industry updates.

With any type of gear purchase or installation, it often helps to have a second opinion. Perhaps you might need us to oversee an installation or possibly need us to "make things happen" literally overnight.

VEH will help you define your entertainment needs quickly and accurately, to assess these troublesome areas effectively to elevate your bar & or nightclub to the next level.

No other organization can match our experience or success.

At VEH we take failing or struggling adult club  & or nightclubs and transform them into highly profitable and successful clubs in a short amount of time with minimal cost to you.

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